Attention Real Estate Investors Who Need To Build A Portfolio Of Passive Income From Real Estate In The Next 4-6 Months, Read This Now.

Real Estate Investment Banker Reveals The Closely-Guarded Secrets Developed By Goldman Sachs
to Structure Lucrative, and Risk-Free Commercial Real Estate Flips – All
Without Risking Any Of Yours Or Your Investor’s Money.
In Less Time Than To Close On A House.

Welcome to your initiation into The Investors Syndicate! If you’re here, it’s because you’re a little savvier, a little more driven, and a little more motivated than the rest of the world.

I want to let you in on a little-known secret among very wealthy real estate investors.

They never use banks when they acquire or flip commercial real estate.

That’s right. They never use their own money for earnest money deposits to control their commercial real estate wholesale deals.

After all, how do the bigger guys in your town do to these deals?

The ones who went from rags-to-riches in less time than a Presidential term in the Oval Office?

The ones who always seem to send their children to the best private schools?

The ones who give away lots of money to their charitable causes?

The ones you know will always enjoy a comfortable, risk-free retirement filled with First Class travel? With their new circle of influential friends?

I’ll tell you what, though.. Many people don’t know that and have heard rumors and stories about investors, such as yourself, who had tried commercial and somehow felt as though they lost before they got to the start. if you’re like me, you find that discouraging.

And that couldn’t be farther from the truth, both you and I know that…

There’s a term in the deal business called “clubbing in”. Really wealthy investor such as family offices will often club in with other families they know into commercial real estate deals.

One or a couple family offices will provide the debt, so the other can buy the building. Long term.

It’s simple private lending, just with more 0s.

Or one investor with a large IRA account will want to partner with you on your commercial flips.

In residential real estate, investors also work with private lenders for short-term loans to buy ugly houses, and to buy pretty houses long-term to rent out.

And that is how you go around the banks, not having to deal with their nitpicking loan processes, that are filled with landmines. Such as defeasance, and income requirements, and the such.

I’m going to go on record to say this now:

There is absolutely no catalyst for real interest rates or yields to increase in your lifetime. Go to the bank and you get less than 2%, and even less than 1% interest.

Why would the government hike interest rates on its own monthly credit card payment? There’s wars to fight, infrastructure to build and entitlements to pay. And as you know, this is a global phenomenon..

Which means that savers all over the world are really losers.

They are losing money each month in getting a real return that they can live off of their savings on. If you have, say, $300,000 in savings, you’re only making around $3,000 PER YEAR income off of that savings.

Low interest rates are a tax on the middle class that will wipe them out sooner or later.

So how do you play this to your advantage?

Here’s how you play this, you start having these people lend to you on your deals. In commercial, for example, your investors will gladly give you a 30-year loan with a 10-, or even 20-year term at 7%, or 6%, or even 5% on a stabilized income property, such as an apartment building.

Why so long? Mainly, they want to make sure their heirs are taken care of with that “mailbox money” that comes in every single month.

Using this technique allows you to explore and experiment getting into other asset classes too, such as retail, office or warehouse/industrial, self-storage, and so forth that you probably didn’t personally believe perhaps a smaller investor such as yourself could get into.

On your commercial wholesale deals, showing investors that you have a blueprint telling then exactly where their money goes, and how it gets returned to them will always make you look more credible than anyone they know in the business.

Two of these deals will pay for your children to get a 4 year degree at an Ivy League University.

Does this pique your interest?

There’s a little bit of a science to it, and we’ll get into that in a moment. The last thing you want to do if you’re starting out is to make a novice mistake screwing up the deal.

The fastest way people screw up and get into trouble in this business is by trying to figuring out how to put the pieces together on your own.

Would you have life-saving open heart surgery performed on you by a doctor who just graduated medical school in Grenada? Or the surgeon who has performed over 5,000 of the similar surgeries in his career?

The same should be for your reputation and credibility.

Your investors don’t know anything about real estate.

What they are actually investing in is YOU!

You have one shot to make sure you make the best first impression you can. And you need every unfair advantage you can get.


The Investors Syndicate

Since 20-ought-8, we’ve had a private, online community of like-minded individuals who all had one goal in common: to use private money to buy real estate and hold long-term.

All wanted to how to get started in this business.

Almost all wanted to raise money to fund earnest money deposits on their commercial flips, or to buy and hold without ever selling for passive income.

Most wanted to learn the closely-guarded deal structuring techniques for taking over commercial buildings subject to, without ever having to get a traditional bank loan or qualify with the existing lender.

And how to do all of this…. without making costly mistakes or doing something illegal.

How does this sound so far? Great.

So let’s talk about the future.

One year from now, where do you want to be? How will you get there?

Do you want simply rich? Or wealthy?

I’ll make it easy for you, the vehicle you’ll be using will be raising private capital.

Let me paint a picture for you here to help you decide.

Do You Know The Difference Between Being Rich vs Being Wealthy?

There is a huge difference here.

Let me profile for you to see what this looks like in everyday life. And I can see you shaking year head and smiling as you read this – because it reminds you of 1 or a dozen people in your life…

The rich aren’t really rich because they usually spend more than they make. And consequently, they have more debt, too. Every day they feel as though their soul is on fire because they need to make payments on those pesky student loans….

…and don’t forget payments on their credit cards which they used to buy a whole lot of Michael Kors and nights out at Flemming’s Steak House.

Most of their income goes towards the mortgage of their McMansion, and the payments on their 3 year old Lincoln and new Infiniti. Very little left over to put into their 401(k)s and IRAs.

They go on vacations to nice resorts, for 1 week each year. Like clockwork.

They are not in the best of health because they’re constantly thinking about if their job is at risk while on vacation. And have very little time to workout – when they aren’t trying to impress their boss.

The wealthy, on the other hand, follows a completely different narrative. She drives the latest model Range Rover, and he the Mercedes S-Class. On the weekends, they take one of their collectible cars to the country club to network with other wealthy friends who own businesses and real estate.

The are fit, active-lifestylers. They have the time to hire a trainer at the gym. Not much gray hair.

They too go on vacations, usually on cruises for 2 months at a time. You never see them, as they’re too busy enjoying life. Their Facebook and Instagram is filled with pictures of them experiencing their lives to their fullest, all over the world. They’re the family you’re always are asking about and “wonder where they are today…”

The bottom line: The rich have high paying jobs, and are the target of any increase in taxes. Politicians and the IRS show you absolutely no love.

The wealthy use systems and their assets work for them. They receive passive income from their commercial real estate holdings. That’s taxed at a lower rate. And are very happy that they’re building a legacy to send down to their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

So I’ll ask the question again? Do you want to be rich or wealthy?

Now, let’s talk about all of the systems and tools you’ll be using to jumpstart your legacy TODAY.

Membership into The Investors Syndicate has its privileges—besides the obvious ones we’ve gone over already. So, let’s talk about them:

Hand-Holding by our Experts & Deal Support

It always happens. You get boxed into a corner of awkwardness. And just when you think you can’t get out alive, we come to your rescue with a response or script to save the day, and your credibility.

Additionally, there are two Deal Desk LIVE calls each month. During these calls, I personally answer any questions you have regarding anything that has to do with YOUR deals. Questions like “Can you tell me what to say to a seller who wants to know if I’m real? “What piece of paperwork you do you give to your investors first?” Or “Is this a good deal or am I overpaying?”

If you miss it, don’t worry, it’s recorded for you along with many years’ worth of calls for you to catch up on.

Time is your most valuable asset, no matter where you are in life. And having another set of experienced eyes on your deals will guarantee you’re not being led down the wrong path and will keep you from that experiencing “deal lust” that has killed most novice investors.

The Investors Syndicate Private Forum

For access to this group alone, membership will pay for itself in spades. Join like-minded, savvy individuals like yourself in our thriving community of investors and dealmakers, all available to answer questions, give feedback, and build valuable relationships with.

The cherry on top to this no-brainer? The Commercial Investor team frequently prowl posts, scoping out where they can lend their expertise and guide you towards success.

Our Entire Execution Plan Library

Yes, there’s more of these—and our team has been hard at work in our yearly audit to make sure all our courses have up-to-the-minute information, worksheets, and downloadable resources. Be the first to access our new and updated Execution Plans as they roll into the vault, and you’ll be light-years ahead of your acquaintances and competition.

The fact is, those that go through these Execution Plans and put them to work will forever be seen as an authority figure with these little known, but highly coveted, strategies. You’ll have answers to questions, will command respect, and attract investment dollars to you, effortlessly.

LinkedIn Leaders®: Your Done-For-You LinkedIn® Profile

Let me ask you a question?

How much is your reputation worth?

If you said “priceless” than that was the right answer. Immediately build a credible presence online by using our LinkedIn Leaders® profile workbook, where you’ll get all the verbiage you need to build a credible profile guaranteed to impress.

Then, take the secret private groups blueprints out and start clicking to join where the other serious players and wealthy investors swim.

Our Banker Blueprints

You’ll discover all sorts of creative deal structuring concepts with these world class blueprints.

Commercial terminology other concepts are explained in a beautiful medium here, in vibrant Technicolor.

Some members print them off and hang them on their walls, too. But, I would ask your spouse for permission first before you go off doing that…

What you probably don’t know is that in commercial real estate, the deal structuring possibilities are both legal and endless.

Like taking over an assumable loan without ever qualifying with the lender. Does that sound interesting to you? Of course, it should!

One of which that I referenced earlier is the “How To Use The FDIC’s Secret Search Engine to Find Banks That Have REOs” and (better yet, non-performing loans!).

This is one of the many, many ways we show you how to source real commercial deals. The ones that are never listed.

Scripts: Institutional Intelligence®

This is how you and your assistant or intern will bang the deals closed on the phone. It’s a 4-pack handling everything you need across the entire transactional spectrum.

  1. The Capital Placement Scripts for Banks and Lenders

    Source off-market deals at deep discounts from banks and smaller lenders. You’ll be sure to target the right ones using a special Blueprint I’ll get to in a moment.

  2. The Opportunistic & Private Equity Funds Scripts

    Confidently speak to your new clients at investment banks and hedge funds. You’ll never control how big the deals you’ll see are, so this is more important to you now than it probably seems.

  3. The REIT & Qualified Institutional Buyer Scripts

    Build a qualified commercial buyers list. Use this for “wholesaling” your commercial deals to end institutional buyers.

    Sorry, no one you ever met at a seminar can or will ever close on a $40,000,000 apartment deal. Ask us how we know this…

    Use this to ask the right questions to the REITS and funds that buy these assets.

    Hint: never ask them the “do you do’s…”

  4. Defaulted Loan and Arbitrage Scripts

    These are for flipping pools of defaulted notes and mortgages to end buyers.

All of these scripts will make it so you’ll never have a fear when your phone rings. You’ll know what to say. You’ll be able to speak with confidence and clarity. Creating strong relationships that will feed you for life.

And so much more—but you’ll have to join to learn about the rest.

By now you’ve made the best decision you’ll make all year: Joining us in The Investors Syndicate.

But, just in case you need one more gentle push over the fence, there’s one bonus I have to tell you about that hasn’t been made available to members until very recently…

Now, a lot of people fail in their careers as investors because their networks are garbage. That affects all opportunities because they simply don’t know the right people.

They bet it all on get rich quick schemes franchises, or Bitcoin. Or whatever the fad du jour is.

What they lack is access to business operators who are the best in class in what they do. People who have experience and have decided to bring the bank back together again. One more time. For another hit.

Join The Investors Syndicate and you’ll get access to invest in some of the most widely sought-after deals managed by people in my personal network. How does that sound? And if you don’t have the money, you’ll learn how to raise it inside the ‘Syndicate.

Make sense? Good.

(I’ll do you one better: I dare you to sign up for the annual membership—commit yourself to this and you’ll make the cost up a thousandfold in your first deal.)

At the end of the day, there won’t be too much you’re not familiar with in this industry.

For less than the price of a gym membership, you can build your network, confidence, credibility and retirement accounts. But just like crucial medication, it only works if you use it.

By now, you’re probably wondering what YOUR investment is for this.


What’s It Worth?

What would it be worth for you to to have access to a Goldman Sachs banker, who raised $30 million dollars before the age of 29, was an early investor in a brain cancer research company that just IPOed, was an early investor in Airbnb and 6 other venture capital deals, and is currently raising his third $150mm fund?

Would you pay $900 per month? What About $699 per month? How about $299 per month? It’s worth all of those combined, but I’m feeling generous.

Join now and still get in at our founder’s rate of only $97/month.

For just less than the price of your mind-numbing cable bill, your investment into The Investors Syndicate will give you the confidence – and the credibility – to raise capital on demand for your deals.

Imagine being like one of our members named Dominique Alexis in Washington DC who raised $1,000,000 dollars – in only 48 hours.

Imagine being like Richard Belliveau who has the confidence and know-how to flip a mobile home park for a 5-figure profit.

Now, imagine if you and I had this talk a year from now. Where do you want to be – and how are you going to get there?

Those who have joined us have absolutely seen their lives change. Those who have tried going off on their own have hurt themselves because they didn’t know what they should have known and are now the subject of everlasting embarrassment, ridicule and lawsuits.

Right now, click on the button below.

In less time it takes to say Real Estate Fund Manager, you’ll join The Investors Syndicate. That’s all it takes. Please click the button below – NOW – and commit yourself to making this the best year you’ve ever had.

Join The Investors Syndicate and try the Kool-Aid. If you’re not happy, you can quit at any time. No questions asked, no awkwardness. Because there’s no crying in baseball.

There are no gimmicks here. Either you get it or you don’t. I know this business isn’t for everyone.

If you’re like most real estate investors though, most of them…

…would rather invest in $30,000 homes in impoverished areas and bet their retirement income on whether or not their deadbeat tenant will be employed tomorrow.

…would rather just flip homes – forever. And if they break their back, guess what? No income.

…would rather wait 6 months for a short sale to be approved by a lender.

Which leads me to this:

The real cost here is time lost.

Each day that goes by is another investor begging you to take his money and invest it for him.

Every month that goes by is a check with passive income from your deals that you’re NOT taking home to your family. And that could mean the difference between a real family vacation – or staying at home with your kids this summer at the pubic pool again.

Each year that goes by is another rent escalation that’s built into the lease of your NNN office building that YOU invested in or purchased.

Every decade, you’ll miss having a free and clear asset that will pay you and your children – and grandchildren – for life, because you used our strategies.

Again, click the button below – JOIN NOW – and commit yourself to making this the best year you’ve ever had by learning a skill set only one in a million have:

How to profit enormously by leveraging those closely guarded strategies and systems in commercial real estate. All while never using any of your own money or credit.

Thank you and I look forward to working together with you.


Salvatore Buscemi


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