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Take full advantage of my proven “Wall Street” Systems to become a major player in asset acquisition, arbitrage, deal-making, and capital formation!
Right now, you can get privileged access to my time tested and foolproof strategies, templates, expert trainings, videos, audio recordings, and more. You’ll have complete access to Wall Street ‘player’ interviews, actual case studies, commercial deals, and business building blueprints…
Act now and position yourself as the #1 commercial real estate authority in your market.
These are the EXACT same systems we use here at our boutique real estate investment banking firm and our portfolio acquisition companies — The Commercial Investor, Dandrew Partners, and Dandrew Media — to raise MILLIONS in capital (over $50 million, in fact) and to buy, sell, and control property; to fund deals; and to structure deals for hefty fees, points, and equity ownership.

So here’s my question to you:
Are you going to take action to…
  • Easily raise the capital needed to do 7 and 8 figure deals?
  • Swoop in and take control of distressed offices or multifamily buildings?
  • Flip high dollar deals for massive profits, without ever using a dime of your own money?
The big investment houses on Wall Street do it all the time, day in and day out.

The Myth of Residential Versus Commercial Investing
Now, you may be thinking, “How the hell can I do deals or raise millions in investment capital like the big guns? I don’t stand a chance.” See, that’s what most ‘wannabe’ investors think…
They don’t believe they know enough about the world of commercial real estate investing and finance in general to even attempt to do deals.
And it’s also the main reason most new investors default to investing in residential real estate.
See, they’ve been ‘told and sold’ that residential investing– single family homes– is easier than commercial investing. Less hassle. Less time and effort. Less paperwork. A quicker way to wealth.

Well I’ve got news for you:
See, I’ve done both. And to be honest with you, there are pros and cons with each. I do invest in some residential arenas, but far fewer than in commercial because when it comes right down to it, commercial smokes residential. For many reasons…

  • Residential is WAY more competitive.

There are way more investors fighting over the same inventory in each market. There’s no greater war cry in the residential investing world than, “I can’t find any good deals.”
In commercial, it’s an ocean of opportunity. A wide open playing field.

  • Thinner deal margins.

What would you rather do… a flip on a single family home for $5,000 profit… or put together a commercial deal without ever having to buy, sell, or fund it… and collect $50,000 plus fees and a back-end piece of the action?

  • Residential investors are shackled at the ankles with federal rules and regulations.

RESPA, Dodd-Frank, Departments of Real Estate, Creditworthiness, Banking temperament. All of which are more likely to kill deals than they are to approve them. One slip or false move and you’re under their microscope.
With commercial, there are NONE of these restrictions. There’s more freedom, more latitude, and more ways to deals.

  • It’s much easier to raise capital for commercial deals than for residential ones.

Why? This is where the ‘big boys’ play. Much bigger payoff, way less hassle.
Plus the sources of capital for commercial are an ocean compared to the residential pond where “moms n’ pops” invest. Because, let’s be honest, they only have so much money to invest.

  • Residential is a much more hostile environment.

Banks don’t want to lend to residential investors. Banks require a full body cavity search: superior credit (which few Americans have today), tax returns, disclaimers, and personal liability for loans.
With commercial, you can get non-recourse loans, which means no personal liability. Fewer restrictions, greater deal structuring opportunities.

  • Scalability.

Very few residential investors create wealth or get rich buying single family homes. It’s like trying to catch flies in a bird cage.
One commercial deal can set you up financially for years, or even for life.

  • The belief that residential investing involves less hassle, less time invested, and less paperwork is flat out WRONG!

Dead wrong. A flip on a single family home typically takes 6 months, from acquisition to rehabbing to marketing to selling. Plus your purchase funds AND your rehab funds are tied up for the full 6 months, limiting your ability to do lots of deals.
And here’s something else to add to the mix: flipping and wholesaling is currently under intense scrutiny by federal and state regulators and jurisdictions across the country. The future of each is uncertain.
Commercial is non-regulated, and therefore the ability to fund and close deals is much easier and more flexible. There’s no ‘babysitting’. The amount of effort and paperwork is about the same, minus the hassle for a much greater payoff.

This whole ‘Residential Investing is Better and Easier than Commercial Investing’ is a misleading and toxic mantra that has seeped into the public consciousness for some time now.
And investors all over the country have drunk the “residential real estate investing Kool-Aid”.
Once they find out the truth, though… that residential investing can be a chronic headache and very difficult to scale… it’s either too late or they quit altogether.
But you know what? This is a good thing. Because it spells greater opportunity for YOU!

“The Investors Syndicate”
So here’s another question to you…
Knowing what you now know about both sides of the real estate investing coin, would you rather spend your time…
  • Doing deals in residential : a challenging federally regulated and constricting environment where you tie up your cash for months on end, thus limiting the number of deals you do with just a mediocre payoff…
  • Or in commercial : wisely building a viable high fee, high margin, high cashflow, high profit business while at the same time creating true long term wealth?
If you chose the latter, I’ve got something you’re going to love. Something that gives YOU a massive insiders’ advantage in your market.
While all the other investors are duking it out like caged UFC fighters in the residential investing niche, you’ll be whistling as you walk down Main Street, a clear commercial path before you…
Armed to the gills with the knowledge, training, tools, and savvy wisdom of Wall Street… with no competition in sight.
That’s the beauty of The Investors Syndicate.
The Investors Syndicate is a treasure trove of commercial training and education that puts you light years ahead of your competition. In fact, it annihilates it. You’ll be doing deals, raising capital, and controlling properties in YOUR OWN BACKYARD!

You Can Now See What Others Don’t…
Here’s how simple this is… The next time you’re driving around town, take notice of all the houses. Subdivisions, neighborhoods, planned unit developments, bare land.
Take notice of all the commercial properties you pass on your way to work…
Office buildings, strip malls, anchored “Big Box” stores like Target, warehouses, industrial parks, apartment buildings, regional strip malls, mini storage units, mobile home and RV parks, abandoned buildings, condo complexes, offices, unfinished construction.
A very high percentage of the properties you see from your car window are ALWAYS in some stage of trouble or distress…
  • Owners are behind on payments…
  • The property is in foreclosure or bankruptcy…
  • It’s an REO at the bank…
  • Repairs are needed to get the building back to black…
  • Sponsors are silently crying for bridge financing as their loans come due…
  • Owners have no clue how to raise capital to complete the project…
  • $1 Million (or more) is needed to close the deal…
  • Banks are holding the defaulted note and need to get it off their books…
  • Partners want to be taken out of the deal… IMMEDIATELY, IF NOT SOONER…
  • Loans need to be paid off because they’re due or past due…
The list of dire needs goes on. What you see before you is a GOLD MINE of Opportunity.
And the fact is, even when it’s staring them in the face, 99% of investors DON’T SEE IT. But now YOU CAN! The Investors Syndicate gives you the ‘night vision goggles’ to laser in on profit pumping properties and opportunity…
The trouble spots… the distressed real estate… the distressed financing. It’s waiting like a ripe tomato ready to be picked from the vine.

I’m Handing You My Business
My name is Sal Buscemi, founder of The Commercial Investor.
My friends and subscribers know me as “Your Pal Sal.” (I grew up in New York City so the name stuck. Blessing? Curse? It’s done OK by me). I started out as an investment banker for Goldman Sachs in Manhattan, focusing on commercial real estate.
Now, I know the big investment houses on Wall Street get a bad rap sometimes. The ‘Gordon Gekko’ rep is still lingering in some cynical circles. And the mortgage meltdown a few years ago didn’t help their reputation much, either.
In some respects, it’s deserved. I won’t deny that. But I have to state for the record that EVERYONE I worked with at GS was true blue. Amazing financial minds. Brilliant negotiators. World Class dealmakers. 100% there for their clients, through and through.
That’s what I loved about the men and women I surrounded myself with… They ALWAYS did right by their clients. Clients came first… not their own pocketbooks. See, long term greed KILLED some of the other firms (you know who they are), brought them to their knees. But Goldman Sachs fostered a ‘clients first’ culture, and it’s the reason they’re still on top today.
These are the same principles I carried with me to my companies, and it’s these very same principles which I’ve infused into The Investors Syndicate.
I remember the first time I read Trump’s “Art of the Deal.” I was 17 years old. I was hooked. That book fueled my desire to want to know EVERYTHING about doing commercial deals. So while at Goldman, I deliberately sought out one of the top real estate dealmakers at the firm. And I found her. To say she was brilliant would be an understatement.
Me? I was a pesky nag, constantly hammering her with question after question. I followed her around like a puppy just so I could watch her in action… meeting with clients, taking control of the boardroom, negotiating with attorneys, analyzing deals, structuring debt, raising deal capital, pitching, problem solving and troubleshooting, identifying great assets, turning seemingly bad deals into profitable deals, crossing trades with real estate assets…
I couldn’t get enough. My young brain was a sponge. I busted my tail staying up late after work and on weekends because I didn’t want to miss out on the golden opportunity I was given. While all my other buddies were out partying after hours and blowing their earnings, I took the opposite tact. I was a like squirrel gathering valuable nuts for the winter.

Not hoarding, though… Preparing.
I knew I wanted to be a highly sought-after commercial deal-making authority and expert like my mentor. More than anything I wanted to be the best in my field.
Ambitious? Driven? Passionate? You bet.
It paid off in spades. I soon got my own accounts. I got to structure 7, 8, and 9 figure deals. I found myself in meetings with portfolio managers, investment officers who acquired assets, mortgage bankers at other firms; and I found myself pitching hedge funds to raise capital for deals.
I hustled my way around New York City putting deals together, inserting GS into the cap stack, pulling distressed assets out of foreclosure, and negotiating with bankruptcy trustees. I was involved with every aspect of commercial banking you can imagine: Deal-making, raising funds, and asset arbitrage.
Not only that, but I was privileged to network and establish coveted relationships with some of the brightest minds and most respected players on The Street… Inner Circles of Influence YOU COULDN’T BUY YOUR WAY INTO. Talk about INVALUABLE.
But what struck me the most (and touched me the most) was their GENEROSITY and willingness to SHARE their expertise and trade secrets. They wanted to make damn certain I had the tools and the chops to PERFORM and SUCCEED.

Sharing their time and information with me, showing me what worked and what didn’t, opening up to the mistakes they made and how they course corrected, and them sharing all their ‘street secrets’ which launched them to success is what made all the difference.
(Later, after I left the firm and went on to raise my first fund, my first investors were the men and women who mentored and guided me at GS… the investors who watched me ‘grow up.’)
That one lesson in ‘giving’ affected me deeply. I never took my station at GS for granted. I knew I was fortunate to be working with the best. Every day was a blessing. So when I decided to leave the firm after several years to start my own real estate private equity fund and go into business for myself, the time I invested and the education I received paid huge dividends.
Within 18 months of striking out on my own, I raised $30 million for my private equity fund. The fund specialized in buying non-performing lines of credit from failing banks, specifically Bear Stearns. (Remember them?)
And to be honest, it wasn’t that hard. I simply followed the exact same steps my mentors used. All I had to do was leverage my…
  • Professional Network
  • Intellectual capital
  • Training and experience
That was 14 years ago. I’ve been in the trenches ever since, negotiating deals, pitching Wall Street institutional funds (as well as those ‘mom & pop’ retail investors), buying and selling every type of commercial property, brokering deals, consulting, coaching, and masterminding.
There’s nothing like the art of the commercial deal.
And now, I want YOU to have total access to the same training that I had.

The Ultimate Resource, Training,
And Expert Network Center
Here’s a simple truth I discovered about success…The enemy is not ‘the other guy.’ — the enemy is misinformation.
As the late great copywriter and business strategist Gary Halbert used to say, “Nothing in life or business is more expensive than bad information.”

What is the BIGGEST REASON many investors lost EVERYTHING in 2008?
You guessed it… Bad information!

That’s why The Investors Syndicate was created and designed specifically to arm you with the RIGHT information, the RIGHT strategies, and the RIGHT content to help you grow and explode your business.
Every aspect of commercial real estate investing is included in this all-inclusive monthly resource and training center. In essence, what you get is an entire ‘Library of Congress’-style commercial real estate archive.
See, this isn’t about me. Or my companies. This is about YOU… the conscientious real estate investor who craves real world ‘what’s working now’ strategies, education, and information.
When you get access to The Investors Syndicate, you get nothing but high octane results-driven systems and training. Period.
Everything YOU get we use here in my office on a day to day basis to run our businesses…
  • The stuff that actually WORKS!
  • The stuff that builds your business!
  • The stuff that puts money in the bank!
  • The stuff grows your wealth for years to come!
ALL based on proven strategies… None of it based on theory. Membership definitely has its privileges. You get exclusive access to proprietary trainings for every aspect of ‘Wall Street’ style commercial real estate investing.

Just Look at Everything You Get… Month After Month
  • Capital Formation: How to Raise Capital ON DEMAND for your deals
  • Asset Arbitrage: What the institutional players call “wholesaling” deals
  • Deal Making and Gamesmanship: Matching capital with the asset
  • Capital Placement: Placing capital from Wall Street firms into YOUR deals
  • Highly Paid Consulting: High Paid or Highly Feed? Your choice…
  • Deal Structuring: Profit big time by creating solutions when no one else can
Plus, each month you get to sit in on ‘The Deal Clinic’ where we’ll take the time to review actual, real life commercial transactions. We’ll pick them apart, piece by piece, number by number so you can see how it’s done. We’ll go through the ins and the outs, the good and the bad.
You’ll be privy to all the nuances of the deal: why it works, why it doesn’t. Hidden profit centers will be revealed right before your very eyes.
What’s more, brand new content, live calls, videos, blueprints, interviews, and strategies will be added on a month to month basis.
Take a look at just some of the content you get when you join The Investors Syndicate

15 Expert, ‘Wall Street’ Style Trainings… And Growing

You get live recorded video training, audios, and cheat sheets covering every aspect of capital formation, asset arbitrage, and dealmaking…
This is just the tip of the iceberg. Once inside The Investors Syndicate Membership Center, you’ll find more expert Wall Street trainings at your fingertips, with a new training added every single month, including…
  • Cross Collateralization Strategies
  • Pitching Institutional Investors
  • Bankruptcy – Debtor in Possession Financing Secrets
  • Private Mortgage Seconds Trading Secrets
  • Determining Cap Rate and NOI
  • Income and Equity Kickers… for FASTER wealth creation
  • Selling Commercial on Terms
  • Crossing a Commercial Asset Trade (aka “Wholesaling”)
  • How To Finance Buying the Debt From a Lender (“Collateral Assignments”)
  • How to Use a Fee Agreement to Protect Your Incentives
  • Understanding Term Sheets
  • Creating a Credible Business Plan
  • Understanding Basis, Equity, and Credit When Buying or Trading
  • Note Hypothecation
  • Land Leases
  • A Note / B Note Structures
  • First Trust Deed and Mezzanine Structures
PLUS many more!
You get nothing but tried and true, tested and proven systems for building your business and upping your game. YOU choose which niche you love… and dive in. Immerse yourself in the most comprehensive commercial real estate training on the market. Nothing else comes close.

When you become a member, you also get… 10 Quick Start Blueprints
These high gloss blueprints are your new best friends. You’ll find that you won’t be able to live without them.
Each one is an investment bible unto itself. I keep them by my desk at all times as a quick reference guide. (Mine are all tattered and frayed, that’s how often I refer to them).
These blueprints are an indispensable addition to your commercial business building success. These 10 blueprints put you MILES ahead of all other investors in your market.
DO NOT let them out of your sight. And DO NOT let them fall into the wrong hands.

“The Deal Clinic”
There’s no better learning tool than actual experience. Like a medical intern observing a brilliant surgeon work his magic, you get to take part in a regular LIVE WEBINAR TRAINING where we will review actual deals. This includes both completed deals and deals currently in progress…
You’ll be able to see what went right, what went wrong; the mistakes and the wins; the good, the bad, and the ugly.
You’ll be privy to all kinds of commercial deals…
  • Multifamily
  • Conversions
  • Mini Storage Units
  • New Construction
  • RV Parks
  • Retail
  • Warehouses
  • Office Buildings
  • Anchored stores
  • Industrial Parks
  • Strip Malls
  • “Special Situations”
  • Non-Anchored Stores
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Professional Buildings
And not only do you get to participate in these live calls regularly, but there are also over 17 ‘Deal Clinic’ case studies already waiting for you in our resource center.
Just by listening in and watching these real life, real deal ‘in the trenches’ case studies, you’ll be armed to the teeth with an insider investor’s edge for putting together YOUR deals.
Wait! There’s More!

When I said I’d be opening up my entire business and systems resource center to you, I meant it.
I want to make sure no stone is left unturned, that you’re super prepared for any opportunity that comes your way, and that you have the tools and know-how to capitalize on it.
You’ll know how to deftly choose between engineering any true opportunity that presents itself… or quickly pass on it. Take a look at these phenomenal ‘extras’ designed to boost your investing power…
The Commercial Deal Structuring Secrets Playbook
This essential ‘must have’ playbook is packed with advanced strategies for controlling properties, inserting yourself into the deal, creating income streams from a bankruptcy cram down, creating interest income with wraps, structuring deals with equity or debt shortfalls…
And the biggest strategy coup of all…

The Real Estate Grand Slam! Create massive equity in value added properties with this silky smooth Wall Street technique. It’s easier than you think!
The Investors Syndicate Private Forum
One word: Network.
This is your golden opportunity to get involved in a community of high level performers and investors from around the country. Which is why I’ve created a special private Facebook Forum strictly for Investors Syndicate members. Most of our current members are alumni who have been with us since 2008…

So the bench is deep. Tons of experience, lots of deals between them, ready (and more than willing) to share their wins and challenges for YOUR benefit.
24 hours a day you’ll have carte blanche access to getting your questions answered, your deals critiqued by fellow members, support, and strategies you’ve never dreamed of.
You’ll form partnerships, friendships, and have the ability to legitimately build your professional network. No LinkedIn flakes for you! Get involved. And get involved now.
Because I can tell you from experience that the quality of your network will have a direct impact on the size of your net worth.
The JG Mellon Newsletter
Here’s something you should know. The JG Mellon Newsletter is an exclusive publication sent ONLY to our funds’ top tier wealthy investors.
But because you’re a part of The Investors Syndicate family (and because I feel you’d benefit greatly from the up-to-the-minute investment ‘market pulse’ in the newsletter)…
I’m going to place your name on the subscriber’s list when you join The Investors Syndicate.
What you get is ‘insider information’ directly from Wall Street’s network of serious players. It’s all covered right here: money, markets, and politics. No holds barred.
Be forewarned: I have very strong opinions. So if bold stances and colorful language offend you, let me know and I’ll unsubscribe you.
Here’s The Deal

Let’s recap everything you get with your
membership to The Investors Syndicate

  • Commercial Real Estate Expert Trainings
  • Checklists, Templates, & Blueprints
  • Live Recorded “Deal Maker” Interviews
  • “The Deal Clinic”: regular commercial deal reviews and authentic deal case studies
  • Commercial Deal Structure Secrets Playbook
  • The Investors Syndicate Private Forum
  • The Weekly JG Mellon Institutional Investor Insider Newsletter
  • PLUS: New Trainings, Strategies, Templates, Live Calls, Real Deals, and Blueprints Added Every Month
So, what’s it going to cost?
Not what you think. You can get started right now, this very moment, for just $97.
That’s not a typo. You get access RIGHT NOW for only $97.
Out of my mind, right? Plum crazy. Giving away the farm. Well, I’m here to prove to you that when you implement JUST ONE of the strategies inside The Investors Syndicate, you’ll be smiling all the way to the bank.
If you don’t find it’s right for you, cancel at any time — no questions asked. But if you like what you see, then do nothing and you’ll continue as a privileged charter member for a paltry $97 a month.
The monthly membership WILL increase in price. As soon as we hit 5,000 members (and it’s getting close), the subscription price goes up.

Just click the ADD TO CART button right now and get started.

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