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To a secret society of world-class investors and dealmakers. We collectively have raised well over
$1 Billion Dollars since its founding during the Great Recession.

This society’s members bring a wide-range of experiences to novices and industry veterans alike, and include real estate investment bankers, venture capitalists, family offices, operators, sponsors, placement agents and entrepreneurs.

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Here’s what you’ll get and more…

  • LinkedIn® Leaders: Your Personalized, Online Credibility Pack
  • Legal library of partnership agreements, PPMs and other critical capital raising docs
  • 18 calculators and Excel™ models – with tutorials
  • Access to our private, members-only community
  • Daily “what’s working now” videos, and rants
  • 2x monthly Deal Desk LIVE calls with our capital partners and other experienced industry players
  • Over 70 how-to blueprints
  • All of our Execution Plans (from flipping commercial to raising private capital)
  • Scripts to use when speaking to other industry peers for the first time (for newer members)

The Investors Syndicate is the fast, fun, & convenient way to learn how to effectively raise capital for any venture and grow your commercial real estate portfolio and personal net worth in a very short timeframe… you’ll learn to:

  • Credibility

    All members benefit from using our most powerful credibility building tool for newbies, LinkedIn® Leaders. Use this to copy and paste to your LinkedIn® profile to quick start your credibility so you are taken seriously from the first moment they look at you online.

  • Execute

    Our comprehensive “Execution Plan Library” makes it easy to learn skills quickly, because we don’t just teach you the theory of raising capital… we show you, step-by-step, how to actually get deals DONE.

  • Engage

    Ask questions, network and exchange ideas with thousands of smart, very experienced capital raisers and real estate investors and family office investors. And with members raising capital and doing deals in virtually every market you’re sure to find someone who “gets you.”

Access our library of Execution Plans and Scripts, Calculators and More!

Behind the Scenes Conference Calls

Hear what Sal and his Deal Captains say on the phone to pitch their deals to their wealthy and ultra-affluent investors. Learn the gamesmanship that happens on the phone as terms are hashed out. Understand who is doing what and where. Being a member throws you into the game instantly and forces you to be focused.

Deal Desk LIVE Calls

2x a month, ask Sal and his very experienced Deal Team any deal-related question. Need a script? What about how to reply to someone who’s iffy and is a little scared of investing in your deal? Learn exactly “What Would We Do”.

Exclusive First Looks At Dandrew Partners’ Investment Opportunities

Have any 401(k) or IRA money sitting around doing nothing from an old employer? Put it into some of our Limited Partnerships and co-invest with the firm, and its outside family office and institutional investors into deals you probably would never be able to invest in on your own due to rigorous financial requirements. Learn how our Syndicate Members create wealth using the single most important asset anyone could have – their network.


Your membership to The Investors Syndicate entitles you to exclusive deals and discounts on some of the hottest ACPARE commercial real estate certifications, workshops, intensives and other tools such as our proprietary FundingSoft™ Digital Asset Aggregation Tool and CRM. This one, single member benefit, alone, should pay for itself in the first 30 days.

World-class support

Assistance for members helping them get the most out of their experience in The Investors Syndicate. Members can either pick up the phone and call us or reach our members-only concierge service online 24/7.

Resources and strategies to help you raise the
most capital and get into the best opportunities

  • Your Membership Card

    The savings are just digital. Show your Investors Syndicate Membership Card at live events to get private access to special events and unadvertised discounts. Plus, your card has a private concierge number on the back—reach out to us anytime you need our help.

  • Execution Plans

    These Execution Plans makes it easy to structure a deal quickly, profitably and professionally. Every time. Because we don’t just teach you the theory of dealmaking… we show you, step-by-step, how to actually get stuff CLOSED. Think of these as business checklists “on steroids”. These are weapons-grade tools that will ensure you get a very fast ROI on your membership.

  • Legal Document Library for Raising Capital, Wholesaling, and Fund Creation

    Use these documents to close or trade the deal. Like having your own personal paralegal, these documents can be used every time for most transaction types, from fund or mortgage pool formation, to portfolio buying, to assuming loans on commercial buildings without qualifying, to optioning properties such as land, and much, much more. Updated regularly.

  • 72 Banker Blueprints **

    These large, colorful and incredibly detailed blueprints will show you the basics ranging from things such as how to properly set up your investment business, investor profiles for your opportunities, commonly used fund and investment terms, additional checklists, and marketing strategies. Become oriented quickly with these blueprints at your fingertips.

  • The JG Mellon High-Net Worth Investor Newsletter

    Take a look behind the proverbial “velvet rope” and see what we do to maintain interest from our ultra-high net worth investors, and how we talk to them. Use these to start conversations to quickly become an authority figure in your market and start to court your investors credibly.

  • Private Members-Only Community

    One of our values is a “Culture of Success Based on Teamwork.” We honor this value by inviting you to ask questions, network and exchange ideas and shop your deals to thousands of smart, generous industry participants. Immediately grow your network with warm introductions to seasoned owner-operators and commercial real estate sponsors, asset allocators, family offices dealmakers, and real estate fund managers who have been in your shoes. With members in virtually every market and in every asset class you’re sure to find someone who “gets you.”

  • Deal Desk LIVE Conference Calls

    These calls happen 2x a month and are live Q&As. Ask us any question related to your deals or capital raises. Each call starts with our “State of the Union” as it relates to real estate and the capital markets. We discuss everything from shortcuts, to cutting-edge deal structuring techniques. No deal-related questions are off limits. These calls act as a hands-on-training for all aspects of capital raising and dealmaking in commercial real estate.

  • Deal Desk LIVE Conference Calls

    Each week our staff addresses a specific marketing tactic for snagging new investors, such as how to persuade and influence your investors without sounding salesy or pushy, deal critiques and analysis, and more. We’re constantly showing you innovative strategies in capital raising and fund formation around your opportunities based off our experiences in the trenches day-in and day-out.

  • Partnership Opportunities

    Co-invest alongside some of our most profitable deals along with other sophisticated investors such as multi-generational family offices. Get to look at the best venture capital and commercial real estate opportunities that are off market and very hard to get into if you don’t have a very high net worth.

  • Scripts

    What to say, when to follow up, and how to do it. Designed for newer members and participants into this industry, these scripts give you the knowledge and confidence you or your staff needs to get the deal flow or to call the capital from your investors.

  • Member-Only Deals

    Your membership to the Investors Syndicate entitles you to exclusive deals and discounts on some of the hottest marketing tools, such as our FundingSoft™ CRM used to identify, nurture and manage all of your investor contacts, and our best-in-class accreditation programs. This single member benefit, alone, should pay for itself in the first 30 days.

Be a better dealmaker with The Investors Syndicate

Investors and Savers at All Levels of Experience

There’s nothing harder than trying to source or analyze a deal in a market you aren’t familiar with when you don’t know what to look at. Let us fix that for you.

Family Offices, HNW Investors,
Owner-Operators & Capital Allocators

“Club in” with other experienced and vetted real estate owner-operators and sponsors. Get first looks at unique, off-market deal flow from your fellow investors. Leverage our networks for your own benefit.

Fund Managers

Running an investment business is hard enough without having to worry about consistently raising capital, so let us worry about it.

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